AEMET Meteorological Information

Meteorology Service to find out before going to sea. Forecast, information and forecast up to 48 hours.

Weather conditions for the high seas are presented on this page. Prediction in text format, graphic information with wind map and wave height.

Advisories with a range of 48 hours, forecast of 24 hours and maps that extend the forecast up to 4 days.

To express the wind values ​​in the marine environment, the BEAUFORT anemometric scale is used and the DOUGLAS scale is used to define the state of the wind sea.

Information corresponding to the scales:

BEAUFORT Anemometric Scale
State of the Wind Sea (DOUGLAS Scale)

AEMET system for maritime navigation

(MeteoNav) through which you can obtain various parameters (winds and different types of waves) of interest for maritime, coastal or ocean navigation.

All this is represented along a route that can last up to ten days and for any ocean in the world.

The application is interactive with the user, being able to continuously refresh and work with the desired geographic precision, also increasing the spatial and temporal resolution of the data.

AEMET Service for Maritime Navigation

The Internet is not part of the Maritime Safety Information system and should never be taken as the only means to obtain the latest forecasts and warnings.

Access to the service, as well as updates, may be interrupted or delayed from time to time. Please contact GMDSS, INMARSAT SAfetyNET or NAVTEX International for the latest information.