Boat registration purchased outside the EU

Can a boat that has been bought outside the European Union be registered without CE marking?
CE marking must first be obtained by post-manufacturing conformity assessment.
Regulation article 6.1 of Royal Decree 2127/2004 of October 29 (safety requirements for pleasure boats and jet skis, components and exhaust and noise emissions from their engines)
Once the CE marking has been obtained, registration may be requested.
Present the documentation indicated in Royal Decree 1435/2010 of November 5
How is the post-manufacturing conformity assessment obtained?
This assessment is known as “post-construction CE marking” – Post-Construction Assessment (PCA)
To obtain it, the application must be submitted to a notified body
The document or technical sheet available from the first commissioning of the ship in its country of origin must also be provided to the notified body.
Examining the product individually, calculations and evaluations will be made to guarantee equivalent conformity with respect to the requirements established by the Recreational Craft Directive.

The phrase “Post-Manufacture Certificate” shall be recorded on the manufacturer’s plate described in part A.2.2 of annex I of the directive.
The notified body shall draw up a report of conformity with respect to the evaluation carried out and shall inform the person who puts the product into service of its obligations. The latter shall draw up a declaration of conformity, according to Annex XV of the aforementioned Directive, and shall affix or cause to be affixed the “CE” marking on the product, accompanied by the distinctive number of the relevant notified body.
Therefore, a notified body must necessarily intervene in this procedure. At the following link you can see a list of authorized notified bodies.

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