Checklist before sailing

List of essentials to review before going to sea, don’t forget anything on board!
Weather forecast
Navigation and steering equipment (compass, log, rudder and radar)
Fuel for the trip and reservation
Communications equipment (VHF-LSD)
Nautical charts of the area
Propulsion equipment (oil, levels, cooling, horn, filters, spark plugs)
Watertightness and bilge systems (bottom valves, bilges, toilets, sinks, portholes, hatches)
Battery status (level, charge, corrosion, charger, connections)
Outlets status (watertightness, terminals)
Navigation lights (watertightness, bulbs, sockets)
Flashlights and spare batteries
Life jacket for each crew member (if applicable, size for children)
(check: whistle, strips, reflective tapes, boat name)
Safety harness
Status of safety equipment (rafts, flares, smoke signals, signal mirror, rings)
Fire protection system
Radar reflector, radio beacon (406 Mhz)
Drinking water (in tanks)
Navigation plan (deliver / communicate it to the Nautical Club)
Ship documentation
Anchors and ropes (stowage, corrosion, windlass brake)

Alternative means of propulsion
Tools, spare parts
Thermal suits
First aid kit, anti-seasickness pills
Pocket knives, fishing tackle
Warm / waterproof clothing

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