Official Agent of the First Brands for recreational boats


Lithium Solutions | Battery Chargers | Converters Batteries | Batteries | Electric Generation | Systems Management | Electrical Systems | Connection to Port | Wiring | Tools

The batteries are the power reserve of our boat. A correct management of the load and unload allows to increase the autonomy. Either because of the weather or for the enjoyment of freedom, the tendency is to anchor in picturesque coves or tie to a buoy without being able to recharge batteries with a 220V charger, at times like this you can count on renewable charging systems or optimize your charge through the motor or generator.


Water treatment | Desalination | Watermaker


The water purification systems allow you to increase the autonomy of your boat so as not to depend on the stay in port to refuel both at 220V and 12 / 24V.

More autonomy, more freedom, more peace of mind.


Generators | Diesel | Alternators | Solar Energy | Wind power


We install all types of 220V alternating or continuous current generators adapting to the needs of your boat so that you have maximum autonomy on your voyages without depending on the port connection


Prow Propellers | Popa Propellers | Stabilizing Systems | Push Systems

Official Agent of the First Brands for recreational boats

We install a wide range of bow and stern thrusters adaptable to any hull and available space. To increase maneuverability in all circumstances. Dock with wind without any problem!

If you have electronic controls for engines, we also install remote controls to steer in combination with bow and stern thrusters.


Multifunction Displays | Automatic Pilots | Radars | Probes | Instrumentation | Communications | Security | Television | Sound | Internet | Mobility | Spare parts

Installation company approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine for radio installations

Certified facilities for compliance with the Ship Inspection Regulations and navigability certificates.

We advise you to optimize the equipment of your boat, always advising you on the best option to enjoy at the lowest cost.


Refrigerators | Freezers | Wine Coolers | Ice Buckets | Air Conditioners | Heating

We advise you and install the most appropriate equipment for each case. Depending on the type of boat, use and size we can offer you the most suitable solution in heating, air conditioning or refrigeration systems in both refrigerators and freezers.

At the customer’s request we can transform chests, cabinets and any other piece of furniture into a chest freezer, refrigerator and thus increase the space for refrigerated food.


Hydraulic gangways | Stairs | Systems | Elevation | Bathroom Platforms | Flaps


Installation and repair of hydraulic catwalks of all brands, bathing platforms and flaps.


Pumps | Heaters | Deposits | Showers | Toilets | Valves


Installation of water, pressure and bilge pumps, waste water treatment, electric and manual toilets.


Masts | Reels | Hardware | Lights

Stacking and revision of masts and rigging, all kinds of work on masts such as repair or installation of lights, radio antennas, radar, revision of fittings and fixed and working rigging.

Electric or hydraulic motorization of reels.


Hardware | Hatches | Portlights | Pinwheels | Winches

Installation of hardware, hatches, portholes, windlasses, winches and deck material for your boat.


We advise you on the purchase of your boat both at an administrative level and in the review and supervision of the condition of the boat to offer you a global report at the time of purchase and advise you on the processing and set-up of your boat.

We offer a SURVEYOR service to be able to know any detail and thus avoid unpleasant surprises in time.

And if you already have a boat, you can count on our advice without obligation, both at a technical and administrative level.